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Ivor Chaplin

Scorer, Life Vice President, Middx. OSCAS Lifetime Achievement Award


IVOR CHAPLIN, Brentham’s legendary scorer, broke yet more new ground on Saturday 21st June when he scored his 700th consecutive Middlesex County Cricket League match at Meadvale Road where the visitors were Harrow St Mary’s CC.  What makes Ivor’s record so phenomenal is that he has scored every single league match Brentham have ever played – going all the way back to 1972!


It doesn’t end there: his 1st XI consecutive scoring record stretches back to 1968 and embraces approaching 2000 games, including the 1972 National Club Final at Lord’s.


When not scoring, Ivor is the Club’s statistician and is currently researching the stories behind 19 club members killed in World War 1.   Because of his dedication and longevity, the club has been able to award numbered caps to every player who has represented the 1st XI in the league – numbered in the order in which they appeared!  In his honour, he has cap number ‘0’.


The scorebox was rededicated in his name following a renovation.


It is extremely unlikely this record (and whatever it ultimately becomes) will ever be broken – and certainly not in the lifetimes of most current members of the Middlesex County Cricket League.


As well as being a Life member of Brentham CC, Ivor is also a Vice President of the MCCL – given in recognition of his unique position in the League’s history.

Ivor has also appeared on Sky Sport's "Club Life" which highlighted Ivors's achievements and showcased Brentham Club in all its glory.

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