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Building a Stronger Future

The Brentham Club's Five-Year £200,000 Fundraising Campaign

In the rich tapestry of the Brentham Estate's history, the Brentham Club stands as a testament to community spirit since 1911. Today it calls us to unite for a crucial cause – a £200,000 campaign for vital club renovations

The Brentham Club, a century-old heartbeat of our community, is in need of our collective support. From hosting events to fostering camaraderie, it has shaped life on the Brentham Estate and beyond. Yet, time has taken a toll, demanding our help to ensure its legacy.

In recognition of our commitment to the Brentham Club, we have already invested £70,000 in 2023. This allowed us to undertake essential projects, such as tarmacking the car park, repairing and redecorating the bar staircase, with plans underway to replace some windows and ongoing behind-the-scenes building works. While these investments mark a significant step, there is still much more to be done..

Structural challenges have brought us to a crossroads, prompting this campaign. This isn't just about repairs; it's an investment in the Brentham Club's future. Funds will go to essential repairs, facility updates, and spaces catering to our community's evolving needs.

How can you contribute?

Here are some ways in which you can help us reach our goal:

  • Donations of any size are welcome - as a Community Amateur Sports Club, all donations are eligible for Gift Aid, meaning we receive an additional 25p for every £1 you donate.  Please visit our GoFundMe page – see details below.

  • Joining the fundraising committee offers a hands-on chance to contribute skills and ideas.

  • Contemplate leaving a lasting impact by including the Brentham Club in your will, ensuring a legacy that contributes to the continued success of the Brentham Club. For donations exceeding £10,000, you will have the opportunity to have a bench adorned with your name on a plaque, commemorating your generous contribution.  All gifts of this nature are usually exempt from inheritance tax.   

  • A great way to help the club is to join as a member – each year of membership fees are allocated to renovation work at the Club. See over for more details.

Your contribution, big or small, will resonate for years. Spread the word, share the vision, and let's build a stronger future for The Brentham Club and our community.

Thank you for your commitment to the Brentham Club's legacy.

Making a contribution!

  1. Donate – GoFundMe   

  2. Get involved - email:

  3. Bequeath - Consider making a legacy bequest

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