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Want to become a member of the Brentham Club? You can simply register and pay online, and your card will be ready to collect within seven days.

If you prefer to pay in person please speak to Monika on 020 8997 2624 or complete the enquiry form below or email

New Members

Existing  Members

Membership Types

Annual Subscriptions
1 April 2021 - 31 March 2022

For tennis membership please refer to the more detailed breakdown of categories and prices below. Information about special rates for new members (less than half-price for some categories) or pro-rata subscriptions can be obtained by filling in the enquiry form below or emailing


New membership £100


New membership £35


(requires approval)


New membership £35 (age 16+ only)


(required approval)


New membership £35 + £20 to the section

(age18+ only)

Social only

New membership £35


(see breakdown below)

New membership £17-£200

Tennis family

(Up to 2 adults and up to 3 children under 19)

New membership £400

Membership Enquiry

Thank you! We will get back to you as soon as we can.

Tennis Subscriptions

Tennis special rates are starred (*) and will require a discount code to be added to the application form.  To obtain your discount code please email or complete the enquiry form above.

Since the membership year runs from 1 April, from 1 July most rates are reduced approximately pro rata. Please contact to find the relevant rate.

To be a 'New' member you must not have belonged to the club for at least 3 years.

New adult(*)                             £200

New family(*)                            £400

New 65+ years                          £200

New 19-29 years                       £140

Full-time student                       £100

Junior 11-18 years                      £70

Junior 8-10 years                        £27

Junior <8 years                           £17

Midweek adult                            £tbc

Returning students i.e. those studying and living outside the M25 and back in Ealing for the holidays ~ £50 (*)

For returning ill/injured members, the tennis committee will consider applying flexibility if they are still unfit in the April of a new 

subscription year.



Tennis Subscriptions

Tennis special rates are starred (*) and will require a DISCOUNT CODE to be added to the application form. To obtain your discount code please email or complete the enquiry form below.


Since the membership year runs from 1st April, from 1st July most rates are reduced approximately pro-rata.

Please contact to find the relevant rate