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The Management Committee

The Club is run by a group of volunteer members.  We are always looking for additional Committee members; please contact Jane A'Court if you are interested (  We are currently particularly looking for building management and legal skills, but people with any experience welcome.


However you don't need to be on the Management Committee to help - the Brentham Club has always relied on volunteers, and we welcome any help from our members.     


The current team is:-

  • Chairman: Colin Hearn (Chair, Events)

  • Treasurer: Lefty Pittakidis (Finance, Bars)

  • Membership: Jane A'Court (Membership, HR, Fireworks)

  • Sponsorship: Anthony Coyle-Dowling (Sponsorship, Insurance, Legal, Marketing)

  • Website: Julia Honigsberger (Website, Safeguarding, Health & Safety)

  • Marketing & Communications: Colin Hearn, Julia Honigsberger, Jane A'Court, Anthony Coyle-Dowling

  • Grounds: Mark Langley-Sowter (Grounds)

  • Catering: Shuks Williams (Catering, Cafe)

  • Project Management: Shuks Williams (Project Management)


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