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Membership Cards

From 1 April 2023 the Club has new membership 'cards for life'. 


  • Only members will be able to benefit from the Member's discount as proof of membership is visible, currently some non-members claim to be members who have forgotten their cards and have fraudulently received the discount

  • Enables renewals to be managed more efficiently 

  • Saves printing new cards on a continuous basis 

  • A member only needs to collect a new card once

Q: How do I use my new card?
A: The bar or cafe staff member will take your card and tap it on a special card reader attached to the till.  The till will display your name and will also display if a junior

Q: How do I get my new card?
A: Your card can be obtained from the cafe or Member's Bar (whichever is open).  They are in a box in alphabetical order - please do not take the other cards out of the box.  You will be asked to sign for the card


Q: Can I put funds onto my card?
A: Yes, tell the person in the cafe or bar that you want to load money on your membership card and say how much.  Then provide the debit/credit card or cash to pay for it

Q: Will the new card open the front door?
A: Yes it will open the front door, the new card reader


Q: What do I do with my old card?
A: Throw it 

Q: What happens if I lose my card?
A: Please tell us asap that this has happened.  We will issue you with a new card with a different number at a cost of £5.  If you have money on the lost card we will transfer this to the new card


Q: Will the new card open the snooker room doors?
A: Yes, there is a card reader on the back door to the Snooker room


Q: What does a card look like?

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