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Tennis Members' Rules

All our tennis club rules can be found by clicking on the PDF

Grass Courts

  • Can be booked via MyCourts 2 days ahead. We are keen that the courts are used, so if the weather looks good, feel free to cancel a TT booking even on the day and instead book grass.

  • Only 4 of the 6 courts will be in play at any time, the remaining 2 courts being rested on a rotating basis. It should be obvious which are not in play, either because they will have a notice on them indicating such, and/or because the nets are down.

  • Courts are labelled 'A-C' in the booking sheet but these labels do not correspond to the court numbers. For any booked time slot, first to arrive chooses the court they want, second does the same etc. Court 6 is also listed, primarily for juniors and is near the football pitches

  • Note that the grass may be closed with no notice eg if it has rained and they are damp. It's not feasible for the committee to reflect such changes on the booking sheets, so in these circumstances your booking will be lost


Rules on use are as follows:

  • The Head Groundsman or the grounds representative from the Management Committee will determine if the grass courts are not playable or if specific courts need to be rested. If they are not present a Tennis Committee Member or the head Coach will decide (please refer to notices placed by the entrance to the grass courts or on the courts).

  • Play must cease when any of the above parties considers the courts unfit for play or when the courts require maintenance.

  • Not withstanding the above, you must not play if the grass is damp or the ground is soft. Usually play can't start before 11 am due to dew.

  • Junior members can book and play on the grass. If beginners, unable to play games, they should hit on Court 6, or if not available, Court 5.

  • The grass is for games. Service practice and prolonged hitting on the grass courts is not allowed (other than a 10 minute knocking-up period prior to playing a short set).

  • Use of the ball machine on the grass courts is not allowed.

  • Coaching cannot be carried out on the grass courts, with the exception of juniors on Court 6.

BLTC Tennis Rules July 2023

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