All our tennis club rules can be found by clicking on the PDF

                                                                                                                         BLTC Tennis Rules March 2021

Grass Rules (slightly adjusted for the present circumstances)

1.The grass is only for games.  Service practice and prolonged hitting on the grass courts is not allowed (only a 10-minute knocking-up period prior to your game).

2.  The Head Groundsman or a Tennis Committee member will determine which grass courts are playable (please refer to notices placed by the entrance to the grass courts or on the courts).  Courts will not open for play before 

11 am and only 3 courts will be bookable and playable on any day.  Do not put up nets on the other courts.

3.  Play must cease on any court if the Head Groundsman or a Tennis Committee member considers the court unfit for play e.g. due to rain.  This is irrespective of whether or not they have been booked.

4.  Junior members can book the grass courts, but this will change if adult demand becomes high.

5 . Use of the ball machine on the grass courts is not allowed.

6.  Shoes with pimpled soles are not allowed on the grass, due to the damage they can cause.