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Membership Rates



                                Section: Tennis                                 


Adult Senior 65+                                      £385

Adult 40 -64                                              £450

Adult 30 -39                                              £310

Adult 19 -29                                              £155

Student - Full-time within M25               £115

Student - Full-time outside M25               £65

Junior – 11-18                                             £75

Junior –  8-10                                              £32

Junior – under 8+                                        £22  

Tennis Family **                                         £900



** Tennis Family – 2 parents plus up to 3 children under 19years.  


All categories below must discuss their membership status with the tennis chair, Vice or Membership Secretary before their membership application will be accepted.


Full-time students must provide proof to the tennis committee as above, if requested.


Rate for returning students studying and living outside the M25 studying and living outside the M25 and back in Ealing for the holidays - £65 a year (pro-rata from 1st October and 1st January)


For returning ill/injured members, the Tennis Committee will consider applying flexibility if they are still unfit in April of the new subscription year.


Rate for visitors who do not live in London but are here for a clearly limited few months will be 30% over their respective monthly pro-rata rate.


If a current member moves permanently more than 25 miles from the club, reduced membership rates will be considered at renewal time if requested. 


Membership year runs from 1st April.  .  


Please apply to or contact a committee member for more information.

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