Wine tasting at Brentham

Consider yourself a connoisseur of fine wines? Or are you one to chug the cheapest bottle of Chardonnay? Why not have a swirl and take a sip at the Brentham Club to help us decide what you’ll be drinking in 2018.

We want to update the wine menu at Brentham and have selected a varied choice of red, white and sparkling wine’s but need you to choose the ones we keep. Come along to the bar, from 1pm -3pm on Sunday 15 April and have a taste of all the choices for free. 

No labels, no complicated origin stories, just you and your taste buds. Rate each sip, and guess which bottle belongs to which liquid and you could walk away with a free bottle of your favourite drink. Fall in love with a particular wine, why not buy it right there to take home or enjoy it with our Sunday roast. Yes, that’s right the Sunday Roast is back, but just for one day!

Never been to a wine tasting, worried about looking the wrong way at your glass or when to spit, have a read of the wine society’s guide to wine tasting.