Top Bar, Balcony & Cafe Opening Times 

From Monday 12 April
Outdoor Table Service Only
Times are Regularly Updated

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Come and enjoy that cool refreshing pint, chilled glass of wine or thirst-quenching crisp cider at the Brentham's refurbished bar. Catch up with friends and relax on the balcony with stunning views.

There will be limited capacity at the club with reduced opening hours.

From Monday 12 April

Monday - Friday        5pm - 10pm
Saturday & Sunday   12pm - 10pm


Fred Perry Cafe         

Monday - Friday        10am - 2pm
Saturday & Sunday   9am - 12pm

These are unprecedented times and we will continue to monitor this unusual situation on a regular basis. Following government guidance, we will be enforcing the 1 metre rule plus mitigations. We are also now allowing non-members into the club. If member bring guests they must ensure their guests follow the same strict government guidelines that are in place. These include:


  • Paid up members or lapsed/non-members paying on the day and members' guests

  • Outside table service only (no standing at the bar or loitering)

  • All members should sanitise their hands using the machines provided

  • All members will be required to submit contact details for NHS Track and Trace

  • Follow guidelines and signage in the club for the one-way system and access to toilets

  • One in and one out of the toilets

  • Contactless/card payment only

​The Government guidelines are very clear but provided we follow them, we can now, at last, welcome back our loyal members to enjoy some of the social facilities at our Club. We look forward to seeing you in the bar or on the balcony!