Art classes with Joanna

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Are you interested in learning the fundamental and classical techniques to help on your journey to becoming the next Banksy. Sign up to art classes for young and old at the Brentham Club or even try one of the other centres. The first session is free, so there’s nothing to stop you having a stroke.

You will learn to explore and understand line, tone, measurement, texture and composition. Each session will focus on different themes, including still life, landscapes, animals, portraits and the human body. We will introduce you to different approaches to drawing, painting and graphic design, with a variety of materials, surfaces and mark making.

If you’re 11-16, join our Art for Teenagers class every Tuesday and Wednesday from 4 - 6pm at the Brentham Club.


Can't make these times, Join Joanna in Hanwell Community Centre every Saturday from 10am - 12.30pm and Thursday from 4pm - 6pm  

Are you an older person looking to rekindle your desire for the sketching? You can join our classes every Tuesday from 10am – 3pm.

We also hold a monthly life drawing class for those looking to becoming the new Michael Angelo. If you would like more information contact Joanna on 07828908582 or